Last Queen

My army defeated,
Stands before me.
No land we have invaded
But you have afflicted my faithful people
With your mortal disease..
You have destroyed my village
Where I was born
And grew up to be the woman
That I am today.


But in front of you,
I am still just a child..
You have killed my dreams and hopes
And I know that, somehow,
My people will blame me
For being so vulnerable
And from my weapons disarmed.
My dear, you must kill me
Before I become the last queen
That has ever lived.


Someone Like You

With a troubled soul
I have walked
In the land of the distressed
No hope has risen
In this abandoned land
I continue my path alone
Searching for another soul
Another being to save
And protect…
Troubled like me
And lost like me
Will he ever see?
How long I have waited
For a moment of recognition
A look in his eyes
A smile on his face
The question is,
And always will be…
Is he searching
For someone like me?




I dream of a golden era of Gods and myths

Of abundant gardens and utmost bliss

Where the Goddess of love would whisper to his ears:

You shall love and pursue Venus’ most devoted servant.

And, he, without hesitation or confusion,

Would set out on a long journey to fulfill his destiny…