6 Reasons to Love Adult Coloring Books

20151203_123429Who said coloring was just for kids? The good news is: you don’t have to color children’s book anymore since there are coloring books specially designed for adults and they are just pure fun. Here are 6 reasons why you could enjoy adult coloring books.

1 – You appreciate art.
You always loved painting and drawing but never had the time to develop this passion. While painting and sketching may require special skills and talents, coloring is much simpler and the new adult coloring books have some amazing intricate designs.

2 – Coloring is an amazing way to relax.
People are using it as an anti-stress therapy and studies have proven that it is a great way to unwind and enhance your mood after a long workday. So plan some “me” time for an hour or two and get rid of the stress.

3 – It can stimulate your imagination.
Your creativity can only be unleashed when you are feeling good and relaxed. So before you tackle a big project, stimulate your brain with countless designs and colors. It might be the first step to inspiring you that great idea your boss will thank you for.

4 – It is a fun theme for a group soirée.
Stock up on some adult coloring books during the winter season and enjoy spending a night home with friends. Some pubs and cafés are even organizing special coloring nights to enjoy with drinks!

5 – It makes a great gift for Christmas.
If you are still looking to convince your best friend to convert to cheer coloring fun, a great way to do that is to gift her/him adult coloring books. They have already topped the Holiday sales all over the world. So what are you waiting for?

6 – It takes you back to a simpler time.
Smartphones, tablets, and Virtual Reality headsets are great, don’t get us wrong but don’t you just long some days for a time when everything was simpler and happier. Coloring books remind us of our childhood when our parents used to gift us ones filled with superheroes and princesses. For a short time of the day, what color should you choose next will be your most important decision to make.

Have you tried adult coloring books yet? Tell us in the comments how it was beneficial for you. If not, grab your pencils and start coloring!


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