Copenhagen: a film by Mark Raso

Copenhagen. You would think upon reading the title that this is a film centered around the capital of Denmark in the vein of the usual movies that tackle the subject of a certain city’s mysteries. But Copenhagen is not only a film about the discovery of a city; it is also about the discovery of one’s self: a journey of self-discovery and family ties.

William, a 28 year-old immature guy, arrives in Copenhagen looking for answers about his father. All he has is a letter written in Danish. During his stay, he befriends a local girl Effy who decides to help him in his quest. The two create a bond over the next few days and William is surprised to discover that the girl of his dreams is only 14 years old, a fact that he was unaware of up until now.

The director Mark Raso deals with a sensitive issue through great delicacy, making us fall in love with the story as the two protagonists discover their feelings for one another on their way through the streets of Copenhagen.

This sort of build-up romance is cut short by William’s discovery of Effy’s age. It’s like a wakeup call that it’s time to man up just like the tagline of the film suggests:

“When the girl of your dreams is half your age, it’s time to grow up.”



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